Areas of impact

Translating the highest level of abstraction and the highest system level into concrete measures in practice – that is the power of TNO Vector. This is how we work across systems. And how we make a difference in relation to cities and industry, and work to increase the Netherlands’ innovative power.

Do you work in complex stakeholder environments, on the major societal developments and challenges of our time? Then we’ll be happy to draw on all our knowledge and experience to help you. Find out more about the systems in which we operate.

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Value-driven sustainable cities & regions

As we move towards the city of the future there are various challenges to overcome. How do we seize opportunities to create equitable, climate-neutral cities in the future? TNO Vector build sustainable cities and regions, with well-being as the driving force.

We tackle challenges with a broad perspective, considering both technological and societal aspects. Through increasing knowledge on relevant themes, creating an understanding of and insight into stakeholders’ interests and needs, developing clear assessment frameworks and scenarios and setting out a clear strategy, we collaboratively achieve value-driven sustainable cities and regions.

Sustainable autonomous industries

Given the major technological and social transitions we are facing today, it is a challenge for the Dutch industry to remain an important pillar of our economy and prosperity. TNO Vector outlines possible courses of action, creates the right conditions, and encourages investment in innovation.

We realise sustainable autonomous industries by involving all stakeholders in the transition, a broad knowledge base that we use to perform broad analyses and develop a transition path. In this way, we help organisations look ahead and make the various steps financially viable.

Transformative Innovation Systems

Building a future-proof innovation process. Innovation is crucial for the economy and earning capacity of the Netherlands. We need robust innovation systems. An approach in which we treat innovation as an interactive process is needed. Intensive collaboration and coordination between involved parties is key to this innovation.

We analyse and understand the complexity and dynamics of today’s societal challenges, as well as the new demands these challenges place on an innovation system. With this knowledge and experience, TNO Vector helps policymakers develop robust innovation processes.

Digital society

Move fast and break things. That is still too often the modus operandi of developers of digital technology. While that approach has greatly accelerated digitalization, it is now becoming increasingly clear that there are still guardrails missing that can prevent negative consequences of digitalization. But how do you do that without unnecessarily inhibiting digital technology innovation? That's quite a complex challenge.

As an independent party, we see a role for ourselves in actively involving all stakeholders in the development of a digital technology. We we not only look at the technological side of innovations, but from the entire playing field.