Transformative Innovation Systems

Innovation is important for our economy and the future earning capacity of the Netherlands. We need robust innovation systems – an approach in which we treat innovation as an interactive process. Key to this innovation process is intensive collaboration and coordination between companies and all other stakeholders, such as governments, universities, knowledge institutions, and other organisations.

Methods and tools for innovation systems

At TNO Vector we use various methods and tools to develop innovation systems. In this way we identify mechanisms that lead to a successful innovation process.

We also pinpoint problems and barriers that could hamper the innovation system, such as the absence of parties that need to play a role within the system, or a lack of communication between different stakeholders.

Such an innovation policy is needed to maintain the Netherlands’ competitiveness and protect its future earning capacity.

Innovation systems: mission-driven innovation policy

Today we are faced with complex transitions and challenges. Examples include:

  • The energy transition
  • Digital transformation
  • Climate change and climate adaptation

These challenges, which have a certain amount of overlap, are putting pressure on well-being. Innovation is not only necessary, but urgent, and there is a need for systemic changes. That is the premise of innovation systems.

We need to look at the innovation process in an integrated way that transcends and links together policy domains. This will safeguard the Netherlands’ competitiveness and our earning capacity in the future too.

Integrated collaboration

A mission-driven innovation system and successful innovation process cannot be achieved without intensive collaboration and coordination. That means collaborating across different domains and disciplines and involving different levels of government, from the European Union and central government through to regional and local authorities. This must be long-term collaboration, as the societal challenges we are facing today are developing in an unpredictable way.

Future-proof innovation process

TNO Vector analyses and understands the complexity and dynamics of today’s societal challenges, as well as the new demands these challenges place on an innovation system.

Based on this knowledge and experience, we help policymakers develop robust innovation processes. These are sorely needed, to accelerate transitions and transformations and ensure our society remains future-proof.