Our expertise

Do you want to orchestrate innovation systems and ecosystems? Are you looking for ways to help decision-making adapt to the ever-changing world? Whether in this order or otherwise, through the expertise we provide and support good decision-making within complex systems. Find out about the transitions we offer together with our partners.

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Orchestrating Innovation

TNO Vector helps ambitious companies and governments bring about collective change. Through our action-oriented approach, based on a shared vision and measurability, we accelerate societal transitions and make innovations a success. Our enthusiastic orchestrators and smart tools identify barriers and create scope for action in partnership with organisations.

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Adaptive Governance

TNO Vector helps organisations with complex societal transitions. We promote faster, robust decision-making. Together, we identify the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills that are needed. We analyse systems and governance and develop methods to make transitions manageable.

System Analysis

TNO Vector helps governments and organisations deal with complex societal transitions. Here we employ system analysis, which involves looking at issues in an integrated way, rather than just at individual components.

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flat landscape with an industrial estate where renewable energy is generated by wind turbines and solar panels

Areas of impact

TNO Vector helps governments and organizations make an impact in complex stakeholder fields and societal challenges. We make a difference within the domains of cities, industry, and work towards increasing the innovation strength of the Netherlands.