Wimar Bolhuis TNO Vector

Wimar Bolhuis

Director TNO Vector
Wimar Bolhuis TNO Vector

I am Wimar Bolhuis, Director of TNO Vector. Together with my team, we work on accelerating and providing the right direction for the transitions and transformations that our society and economy are undergoing. Want to learn more about Vector or explore potential collaborations? Feel free to contact me.

Acceleration and direction for transitions and transformations. At its core, it is about human behavior, sustainable care for our world, and a better future for future generations.

With my background in economics, public administration, and social and organizational psychology, I derive great pleasure from understanding the socio-economic and governance aspects of innovations and transitions. How do society and technology interact? How do we achieve the greatest value? And, of course, from working in teams and with colleagues.

Fortunately, at TNO, we have fantastic scientists, consultants, and many other experts. I draw inspiration and energy from the change, innovation, and progress we achieve together, step by step.

In addition to my work at TNO Vector, I am affiliated with the Department of Economics at Leiden University, where I obtained my PhD. Progress can only be achieved together.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in potential collaboration or if you have any questions for TNO Vector - Centre for Societal Innovation and Strategy!