About TNO Vector

TNO Vector gives direction to the society of tomorrow and beyond

The further ahead we look, the less we can foresee. We find ourselves preparing for things we don’t yet know anything about. By thinking in terms of systems and scenarios, we shape and direct the society of tomorrow and beyond.

We are TNO Vector. We analyse major societal developments and reflect on how the challenges of our time converge. In this way we provide the knowledge needed to ensure good governance and policy today and for as long as possible into the future.

TNO Vector aims to accelerate the socio-economic embedding of innovation. That’s why we represent the big narrative and steer clear of passing fads. We keep an eye on metatrends and the international technology scene, operating between the parties and rising above the details.

TNO Vector thinks in areas of impact to ensure we do more than just address the symptoms; we do this on the basis of our wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge and in conjunction with the complex stakeholder environment. The problems of our time can only be solved if we understand their interrelationships. This is how we translate societal and technological developments into possible courses of action for society.

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