Amber Geurts

Amber Geurts

Senior researcher innovation and transition sciences
Amber Geurts

I am Amber Geurts, senior researcher innovation and transition sciences at TNO Vector. Within TNO Vector, I specialise in mission-driven and transformative innovation and policy. In my day-to-day work, I deal with various questions and societal issues that arise around societal challenges and the transitions and missions needed to achieve them.

My expertise lies in translating insights from science into (policy) practice to guide and accelerate transitions and transformations to make our society future-proof.

To this end, I work closely with all kinds of stakeholders inside and outside the organisation, both by providing substantive analyses and process support.

Before joining TNO, I did my PhD research on digital disruptive innovations at the University of Groningen, and did my postdoctoral research on the role of AI in science at Aalto University in Finland.

I also worked at the Rathenau Institute, where I engaged in research and dialogue on the societal aspects of science, technology and innovation.


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2018 ISPIM Innovation Management Dissertation Award