Complex decision-making

The complex social challenges we are facing today require us to come up with appropriate policies. One example is our national energy system and its future development. Changes to this system have consequences locally, which means complex decisions on this matter are increasingly being made at local level. TNO Vector helps local governments with this task.

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Municipalities play a crucial role in complex decision-making and there is potential for them to further develop their decision-making processes. Currently, many problems and challenges remain to be addressed.

There is a need for direction, coordination, and alignment. To achieve this, better insights are required and the following questions must be answered:

  • How does the decision-making process work at present?
  • What type of decisions are involved?
  • Under what circumstances and conditions are decisions made?
  • What (financial) resources are needed?

To obtain clarity on these points, TNO has developed the ENABLER method.

Improving decision-making processes with ENABLER

ENABLER is a method used to map, analyse, and improve decision-making processes. The analysis forms the basis for the improvements we suggest.

We also use the ENABLER method to gain an insight into the knowledge needed to underpin individual decisions. In addition, we are developing a knowledge-sharing strategy with the aim of taking strategic decision-making processes to the next level.

ENABLER in practice

Possible applications of the ENABLER method include:

  • Identifying the mutual dependencies of stakeholders at the beginning of a project. This gives everyone a better understanding of each other’s roles, positions, and capabilities.
  • Supporting the alignment of timelines.
  • Training (new) employees at local and regional authorities.
  • Ensuring continuity in decision-making and knowledge development.