Strategic Innovation Agenda

Successfully launching and implementing a complex societal transition or development is impossible without an innovation plan – a plan that has the support of all stakeholders. TNO Vector provides this in the form of a strategic innovation agenda, as a first step in orchestrating innovations.

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Our methodology for developing an innovation agenda consists of seven steps:

  1. Ambition and scope. We define a goal and the challenges to overcome to achieve it.
  2. Stakeholder analysis. We map out the ecosystem.
  3. Broad scan of trends. We take stock of relevant developments.
  4. Identification of key themes. We analyse, evaluate, and cluster trends.
  5. In-depth analysis and validation. We determine the impact of the innovation on the sector.
  6. Innovation agenda for the sector. We draw up an innovation plan.
  7. Launching of result. We mobilise all stakeholders.

The first step in outlining a strategic innovation agenda is to define the ambition and scope of the project. We do this together with the client and key stakeholders. During this phase we identify any other parties that have not yet been involved. This is a necessary step, as you will only achieve a well-supported innovation agenda if you have involved all stakeholders.

Development of innovation plan

Once all stakeholders are involved, we start working on the content of the innovation agenda. During this process we translate a broad analysis of trends and developments into a concrete action plan, working closely with stakeholders. In this way we create a robust and feasible innovation plan and ensure all stakeholders support it.

Innovation agenda for Green Chemistry, New Economy and Quantum Delta NL

Two recent examples are the Green Chemistry, New Economy Innovation Agenda, which is focusing on greening the Dutch manufacturing chemistry sector, and the National Quantum Technology Agenda, which aims to develop a vibrant Dutch quantum ecosystem. Both of these agendas resulted in a major national programme in which numerous parties are working to achieve the stated ambitions.