Nienke Maas

Nienke Maas

Senior advisor
Nienke Maas

My name is Nienke Maas. I have a passion for everything you encounter in your daily living environment. I trained as a civil engineer at TU Delft, and have since worked on transitions for energy, infrastructure, climate and sustainable cities.

I also love connecting people and knowledge. As a senior advisor with a long track record in social and spatial issues and programmes, I use my broad network in science, practice and policy for this purpose. In order to get another step closer to a sustainable environment.

In 2009, I was one of the visionary minds behind the area-based approach for energy transition. Since then, I have been the driving force behind a smarter and more integrated approach to the heat transition, based on cooperation, decision-making and financing. I have a talent for coming up with innovative solutions and love experimenting. As a senior consultant at TNO Vector, this is how I shape the Netherlands' dynamic energy landscape. I also do so as a supervisory board member of a housing corporation that is a frontrunner in district heating.


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