Harry van der Weijde

Harry van der Weijde

Senior scientist
Harry van der Weijde

My name is Harry van der Weijde, and I work as senior scientist at TNO Vector. In my day-to-day work I help policy makers, investors and other stakeholders to think about the future of our energy systems, and especially about the role of infrastructure in the transition.

I have a background in applied economics and specialize in the application of microeconomic modeling and analysis to transport and energy systems, with particular attention for decision making under uncertainty. I often use quantitative models for this, or help interpret quantitative information.

I get a lot of energy when I can work together with other knowledge partners, policy makers and/or or market parties to come up with shared solutions that really lead to an acceleration of the climate transition. The climate transition is also an economic transition, with economic challenges but also many new opportunities. I achieve my impact by providing key decision makers with the information and tools they need to create and capitalize on more of these opportunities.

Top publications

Möbius, T., Riepin, I., Müsgens, F., & van der Weijde, A.H., 2023, in: Energy Economics 126, Risk aversion and flexibility options in electricity markets

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Ambrosius, M., Egerer, J., Grimm, V., & van der Weijde, A.H., 2020, in: European Journal of Operational Research. Uncertain bidding zone configurations: The role of expectations for transmission and generation capacity expansion