Strategy and policy to meet today's challenges

Public policy impacts people and society. The same can be said of the decisions made by companies and organisations. Our Strategy and Policy research group carries out research on the theme of societal change and addressing transitions.


Artificial intelligence, global warming and the energy transition, and the changing job market – three developments that seemingly have little to do with each other. They do, however, have one thing in common: they are moving at lightning speed. And governments and businesses need to act. They need to come up with policies in these areas.

Research group

Our Strategy and Policy research group helps our clients address the changes we are facing today more quickly and make the complex decisions required to do so. We determine strategy partly through research and analysis, based on economic, environmental, legal, cultural, and political aspects.

The Strategy and Policy research group does not focus on the technical side of innovation. It deals with the strategic policy issues at the beginning and end of each innovation cycle.

Three research teams

Our research group consists of three teams:

  • Environmental planning
  • Innovation intelligence (iTeam)
  • Digital society

Environmental planning

This team focuses on sustainability and spatial development, based on research into the interaction between knowledge, institutions, people, and the environment. It places the emphasis not on technical measures, but on their organisation.

Innovation intelligence (iTeam)

The Innovation Intelligence team analyses the impact of innovation and technology on the economy and on society. It also explores how we can use innovation to achieve societal goals.

Digital society

This team researches and advises on issues related to digitalisation. For example, we examine the optimal design of digital government, taking public values into account. We are also concerned with the use of data and digitalisation for policy innovation and are working on regulation to ensure the impacts of new technologies are managed effectively.

Inclusive AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an impactful development that should also be taken into account in strategy and policy. The government uses AI to tackle social problems, but not always successfully.

There are examples of algorithms that stigmatise and disadvantage certain groups of people. This is an undesirable development, as decisions made using AI are increasingly influencing everyday life. The Strategy and Policy research group is carrying out research into inclusive AI systems: artificial intelligence that takes the interests of all stakeholders into account.

Amongst other things, we are experimenting with AI living labs that put transparency and people at the centre. These living labs are made up of data researchers, data engineers, policymakers, government officials, and members of the general public. Within this environment we are developing inclusive AI solutions for the public sector.