Strategic Business Analysis research group

Helping companies grow sustainably through innovation – that is the aim of the Strategic Business Analysis research group. Find out how we help companies innovate and make choices.

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With the business analyses we carry out we help companies make strategic choices. We examine the economic and business aspects and in this way provide a sound basis for investments. We do this by translating technical possibilities into new business models.

You can come to us with questions such as:

  • Which technologies can help increase earning capacity in the Netherlands?
  • Which parties need to work together to make Europe self-sufficient in geopolitically sensitive industries and supply chains?
  • How can my organisation make the right investment decisions?
  • What choices do we need to make to take our place in the carbon-neutral economy of the future?

Better decisions through business analysis

The Strategic Business Analysis research group helps organisations find answers to policy questions arising from the transition to a sustainable economy.

This involves working intensively with companies and government agencies on the following:

  • Developing new business models.
  • Forging coalitions with the right partners.
  • Analysing growth opportunities for new technologies and shedding light on the economic or societal added value of innovations.
  • Providing an insight into the economic consequences of policy choices.
  • Providing an insight into the impacts of policy choices on sustainability.
  • Examining the impacts of choices on well-being.
  • Generating well-being effects.
  • Linking business analysis to our technological expertise.
  • Calculating business cases.